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Our Services

We offer bespoke healthcare simulation design services. We have a extensive portfolio of taking products from design to commercialization in accelerated timeframes. Our flagship product the R42 Bariatric Manikin was taken from concept to commercialization within 8 months. We have extensive experience in manufacturing, this means our solutions are based on realistic and practical deliverables. 


Our Designs

We have designed a range of products from manikins and task trainers to tech driven simulation rooms. Each of these products have had a wide range of use from practical training to educational resources. We take a digital first approach to design, ensuring that any changes and customization can happen quickly based on end user feedback.

Our Clients

We have worked with Greenwich University (UK), Aston University (UK), University of Central Florida (UCF), Yorkshire Ambulance Service (UK) providing immersive training simulation rooms. We designed high fidelity trainer manikins for Industry leaders and we are working on a number of very exciting projects! 

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