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Innovative Solutions

For Healthcare Education

RIB Technologies

Our Journey

Rib Technologies is a Toronto-based technology company that specializes in developing AR/XR software to innovate medical simulation. Our team of experts is passionate about creating practical solutions that disrupt the market and exceed our clients' expectations. Our development process is grounded in years of experience in bringing to market physical training products and fully implementing emerging 4IR technologies. This unique approach allows us to make cost effective, quick iterations to our product development to ensure seamless integration with our propriety software. We have come a long way since our inception, and we owe our success to our commitment to quality and our clients' satisfaction. Join us on our journey to revolutionize healthcare education. Contact us today to learn more about our story.

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About Us

Disrupting the medical simulation market with 4IR and AR technology

Flexible AR/XR Training Platform

Scalable, immersive healthcare education modules

AR/XR training overlays bridging the gap between physical and virtual training. Our platform integrates seamlessly into our modular physical product line to provide an immersive training experience through realistic haptic feedback.


Our stand alone software integrates with existing established physical trainers and manikins allowing for immediate upgrades to your current trainers, versatility in physical representation and range of clinical application.

Tailor-made 3D Printed Manikins

Innovative development and manufacturing techniques

Years of experience in the design and manufacturing of tailor-made training products from wearable wounds to task trainers to full body manikins. By optimizing 4IR capabilities, we bought to market the world's first commercialised 3D printed bariatric female manikin. Taking our product from concept to commercialization in less than 8 months!

Experience Matters

Proven track record servicing the market

Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs, highly experienced in the medical simulation world. Bringing together years of experience in training and product design, we strive to achieve product market fit through rigorous end user driven development. 

In the last ten years, our products have been servicing prehospital organizations, nursing schools, military, hospitals and search & rescue organizations around the world.


Proud to be serving the UK NHS, Sheba Medical Center, USAF, Police SWAT, Dutch MOD, University of Central Florida, Red Star of David & more

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